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A Safe Haven to Nurture in Nature

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  • Mental Health support groups 

  • Craft groups 

  • Sound healings

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On a mission​

The Roots Of Life Foundation was created with a vision of  building

community that offers a safe haven for those going through mental health issues, spiritual emergencies, and those looking for connecting with others at this time.  We are a safe place to come, eat, share, and be with others. Living in  the heart and being intentional with earth/nature. 

Land use

We are a regenerative/sustainable farm and a healing center. As the community grows, so will the dream and vision. Together we create this safe space for many memories to come.  

How to help

Share expertise, volunteer, donate.

Animal husbandry, beekeeping, farming, herbology, nutrition, foraging, crafting, yoga, Thai chi and more.

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